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An underwriting investment company that offers shares in its mutual funds, or an influential institution that highly values a particular security and thus creates additional demand for the security. In the context of project financing, a developer of the project or a party poviding financial support.


1. An underwriting firm.

2. An institutional investor or high net-worth individual who takes a large position in a security, which encourages other investors to the same. Sponsors exist because other investors trust them to make the correct investment decisions most of the time. See also: Crowd.


1. An institutional investor or a brokerage firm that has a position in a security and influences other investors to establish a position in that security.
2. See underwriter.
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The issue of corporate sponsorship has been of interest to associations since the early 1990s, when the IRS first attempted to tax certain kinds of corporate sponsorship revenues received by tax-exempt organizations.
In addition, the grant will support a new corporate sponsorship program aimed at legal technology vendors that Pro Bono Net launched earlier this year.
The signing of a new long-term contract between Regions Bank and the Southeastern Conference marks the renewal of a partnership that began with the Regions Bank corporate sponsorship of the conference and the SEC championship in 1993.
The 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin, 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver have already created significant interest and business opportunities for both parties in corporate sponsorship and brand development - and Burson-Marsteller is uniquely placed given its position as the number one public relations agency in both China and Italy while its affiliate, National PR, is ranked number one in Canada.
Petrucci Company raised $30,000 through corporate sponsorships and donations.
Corporate sponsorships are a far greater source of funding, and with good cause.
Corporate sponsorships helped to underwrite costs of the Friday event, organizers said.
Touted as the nation's largest single day of volunteer service, Make A Difference Day relies heavily on corporate sponsorships as well as individual volunteering.
Visit visa services for personal and corporate sponsorships are following up of applications and approvals of visa fee payment, issuing return visa for visit, payment of delay fines, extending visit visas from within the country and renewing unused visit visas.
The program for each school will be underwritten through corporate sponsorships.

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