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An underwriting investment company that offers shares in its mutual funds, or an influential institution that highly values a particular security and thus creates additional demand for the security. In the context of project financing, a developer of the project or a party poviding financial support.


1. An underwriting firm.

2. An institutional investor or high net-worth individual who takes a large position in a security, which encourages other investors to the same. Sponsors exist because other investors trust them to make the correct investment decisions most of the time. See also: Crowd.


1. An institutional investor or a brokerage firm that has a position in a security and influences other investors to establish a position in that security.
2. See underwriter.
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summarized ASAE's written comments at an IRS corporate sponsorship hearing June 21.
Education Week, a publication aimed at public school officials, reported this month that corporate sponsorships are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated as public school officials search for ways to raise money without raising taxes.
Since then, state and federal funding, plus corporate sponsorships, have kept NHME and the country's other nonprofit materials exchanges afloat.
would prepare a menu of options for marketing the city's assets for corporate sponsorships.
Corporate sponsorships helped to underwrite costs of the Friday event, organizers said.
Petrucci Company raised $30,000 through corporate sponsorships and donations.
At CMU, he was responsible for developing and building relationships with corporations and foundations in support of internship and placement opportunities, equipment donations, corporate sponsorships, scholarship support, program support, professorships, matching gift support, and specific financial support for the various CMU colleges, athletics, public broadcasting stations, and library.
Corporate sponsorships are being sought for this highly-successful event.
Her combination of motor sports and business experience is rare and will serve us well in our corporate sponsorships and marketing.
The un-sung opportunities are in the corporate sponsorships, which enable businesses to not only generate tremendous good-will among their peers and important contacts, but contribute to three very vital causes.

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