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public relations (PR)

a general means of promoting a business's COMPANY IMAGE with a view to encouraging customers to buy its products and investors to buy its shares, as well, for example, as influencing government policies on issues relevant to the company. Companies often appoint a PR officer to liase with the MEDIA in providing them with information and news about the company's activities and its record on such matters as CONSUMER PROTECTION and environmental pollution. Sponsorship of sport and the arts, etc. represents an indirect way of building up customer goodwill towards the company's products. See PROMOTIONAL MIX.
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"Corporate reputation management is a competitive advantage," said Steve Carr.
According to Garesche, part of corporate reputation management is making a good first impression.
She contents that a corporate brand is a vital part of corporate reputation management. An ethical brand enhances the firm's reputation; such a reputation reinforces the brand in turn.
"If one needs to work on corporate reputation management or deliver a government's viewpoint on an issue instantly, online is now the preferred channel," said Larry Snoddon, vice-chairman at APCO Worldwide.
"Ten years ago, when people talked about personal brands, it was about celebrities," says Daniel Korschun, fellow at Drexel University's Center for Corporate Reputation Management. "Now it's making a jump over to the mainstream."

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