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The act or practice of an investor or a group of investors buying a majority stake or a significant minority stake in a publicly-traded company such that it can dismiss current managers and replace them with handpicked successors. Raiding often occurs when the company's share price has recently fallen significantly. It is less commonly called venture arbitrage. See also: Hostile takeover, Greenmail.


An attempt to purchase a sufficient number of shares of a company's stock through a tender offer so that control of the target's operations can be taken away from its current management. Also called venture arbitrage.
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H1C: (Interaction Effect of Experience and Knowledge of Corporate Raid): Subjects' experience levels will not modify the effect of their knowledge of a corporate raid on subjects' project selection decisions.
Knowledge of a corporate raid was presented at two levels: either subjects were not given any information about a corporate raid or they were told that their firm, Advanced Medical, Inc.
A 2 x 2 ANOVA was estimated with two levels of the environmental variable knowledge of the corporate raid and two levels of the experience variable.
was the target of a corporate raid were less inclined to select the project than were the more experienced subjects (6.
It is not for nothing that Atambaev mentioned the corporate raids.
Prime Minister Atambaev outlined actions taken by the government to improve business climate in the country and pledged the government would bar attempts of corporate raids.
The President demanded to cease illegal detentions, corporate raids, property redistribution.
They talk a lot about inaction of prosecution bodies during corporate raids.

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