Corporate acquisition

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Corporate acquisition

The acquisition of one firm by another firm.
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An investment in which a company or person buys a publicly-traded company, or, more commonly, most of the shares in that company. For example, if Corporation A buys 51% or more of Corporation B, then Corporation B becomes a subsidiary of Corporation A, and the activity is called an acquisition. A single investor may buy out a publicly-traded company; one calls this "going private." Acquisitions occur in exchange for cash, stock, or both. Acquisitions may be friendly or hostile; a friendly acquisition occurs when the board of directors supports the acquisition and a hostile acquisition occurs when it does not. See also: Antitakeover measure.
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Corporate acquisition analysis in many ways is fundamentally different from the analysis of publicly-traded securities.
Other States, however, have no provision for the transfer of NOLs in corporate acquisitions. These statutes typically provide that a "taxpayer" can apply NOLs from one year against the income of another year but no mechanism is provided for the movement of an NOL from one corporation to another in an acquisition, even if the acquisition is a statutory merger or other form of tax-free reorganization.
Lloyds TSB Corporate Acquisition Finance provided pounds 3.75 million of senior debt funding for the deal, while Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance provided working capital finance.
And Gateley Wareing acted for Lloyds TSB Corporate Acquisition Finance, led by Mark Rutherford.
'Now, with an ambitious management team at the helm and financial support from Lloyds TSB Corporate acquisition finance and Catalyst Corporate Finance, we are hoping to build on the success achieved to date to further reinforce the company's position as a market leader.'
In a ruling that may have considerable utility in corporate acquisitions, the IRS has held for the first time that an offer to buy out compensatory stock options for cash will not result in constructive receipt for the option holder who declines the offer.
John Bates, regional operations director at DC Leisure, with Paul Whitehouse, Andy Taylor, Mark Bolshaw and Martin Cordey, from Lloyds TSB Corporate Acquisition Finance
338(h)(10) to provide an interesting result for the corporate acquisition of an S corporation.
Andy Taylor, director at Lloyds TSB Corporate Acquisition Finance in Birmingham, said the MBO represented the first of a string of transactions the division is hoping to complete in the coming weeks.
Despite the relatively-small value of US corporate acquisition activity into the UK, the UK remains the number one target country for US companies making European acquisitions.'

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