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The act or practice of an investor or a group of investors buying a majority stake or a significant minority stake in a publicly-traded company such that it can dismiss current managers and replace them with handpicked successors. Raiding often occurs when the company's share price has recently fallen significantly. It is less commonly called venture arbitrage. See also: Hostile takeover, Greenmail.


An attempt to purchase a sufficient number of shares of a company's stock through a tender offer so that control of the target's operations can be taken away from its current management. Also called venture arbitrage.
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Kumarin Judgment, supra note 56, at 168-71 (on file with author); Barsukov (Kumarin) Priznan Vynovnym po Delu o Reiderstve v Sankt Peterburge [Barsukov (Kumarin) Found Guilty of Corporate Raiding in St.
In Barbarians at the Gate, the best-selling account of the corporate raiding that shook RJR Nabisco during the '80s, Jordan is portrayed as a go-along-to-get-along guy, less concerned about what a leveraged buyout would mean for the company than for his $50,000-a-year pension.
Jane Doe, up-and-coming financial whiz, wanted sculpted body parts and the cardiovascular stamina to withstand 12-hour days of vigorous corporate raiding.
I don't think we should pretend it will stop corporate raiding," he added, noting that there is already a campaign by New Jersey utilities to lure people.

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