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A graphic or seal that is uniquely identifiable with a company or other organization. A logo may be of a certain color and contain certain text and images. A logo helps build brand recognition and eventually customer loyalty. See also: Marketing.


a company name or BRAND NAME written or illustrated in a distinctive way to heighten customers' recognition of the company or product concerned. See BRAND MARK.
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Babbitt came up with a plan to rename streets and parks for corporate sponsors, implant ads in city sidewalks, and plaster corporate logos on the sides of city garbage trucks.
The publicity value figures in their calculations of determining the advantage of having corporate logos displayed to a worldwide audience.
The company has simultaneously launched its new corporate logo.
Fine wine is always appreciated, but it becomes a stand-out gift when personalized with a treasured family photo, corporate logo, or holiday greeting," says Fred King, Vice President and General Manager of Exclaim's Web Business.
The Seventh Street site has been known as ``Arco Center'' since then, and that name and corporate logo will be transferred to the new Bunker Hill offices.
OTCBB: RHOI), a business development company that acquires and consolidates outdoor activity based companies is pleased to introduce a new corporate logo and website domain - www.
In this new spirit, he unveiled to his team of 115 today a new IDM corporate logo that more accurately reflects the industry changes in direct marketing.
Attendees will be greeted with the new Esker branding on the first day of the conference, complete with a new corporate logo.
Esker, the leading provider of Business Document Delivery solutions, today announced a new corporate logo to more precisely portray its core strength - providing the best all-around document delivery solutions in the marketplace.
Because TomTom is becoming a household name in navigation, we see fantastic exposure and opportunity in having our corporate logo appear on everyday driving routes of TomTom customers.
Martin Richenhagen, President & CEO comments, "The objective is to modernize the design of our corporate logo - without compromising the positive recognition that our triangular 'farm field' logo enjoys around the world.
Xdrive and the Xdrive corporate logo are trademarks of Xdrive, Inc.

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