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A graphic or seal that is uniquely identifiable with a company or other organization. A logo may be of a certain color and contain certain text and images. A logo helps build brand recognition and eventually customer loyalty. See also: Marketing.


a company name or BRAND NAME written or illustrated in a distinctive way to heighten customers' recognition of the company or product concerned. See BRAND MARK.
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Our new corporate logo serves as a visual reminder that our geographically and functionally diverse teams of associates are all part of a unified, powerful organization with strong brands and an enhanced ability to serve our customers," said Dave Singer, Chief Executive Officer of Snyder's-Lance.
These new logos replace any "gold" airplane logos or the traditional "three bar" corporate logo, which no longer exists.
Newport International Group (OTCBB:NWPO) today debuted its new corporate logo and website.
com, fill out a lifestyle survey, submit a photo and identify the area of your body that you are willing to have branded with a corporate logo.
The site was redesigned to reflect a new and vital era in the Company's development, which began on January 1st with the adoption of a new corporate logo, and the relocation to new, larger headquarters.
The company will introduce a new corporate logo in the next few weeks, although the names and logos of the company's two major brands, CIW and ComputerPREP, will remain unchanged.
Leading Cat-Furniture Provider Revamps Image from Corporate Logo to In-Store Product Packaging
The definition of the new corporate logo is "transparent and clean," and is meant to illustrate the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology with nature.
The new corporate logo and updated company information can be viewed at: www.
In conjunction with the move, Adams Harkness is rolling out a new corporate logo, tagline and web address.
They are characterized by costly suites for corporate and well-to-do fans, rising ticket prices for all levels of regular seats from boxes to bleachers, moveable roofs and other features to provide comfort for the fans, and corporate logos lining the walls of the playing fields.
In addition to 52 different stock designs, medallions can be created to fulfill any custom design requirement, ranging from small corporate logos to room-sized inlays.

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