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section (federal code)

A particularly numbered subpart of some federal law.The text of any federal law may be found by going to the Office of the Law Revision Counsel at and clicking on “Search the U.S. Code.” Laws written as, for example,“26 U.S.C. Section 121,”“26 U.S.C. §121,”or sometimes “U.S.C.A.”or “U.S.C.S.”consist of a “title”(26 in the example) and a “section”(121 in the example).Entering the appropriate title and section will bring up the text of the law. See also U.S.C.

section (of land)

A section is a specific area of land measuring 1 square mile. See public land survey system.

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Saldanha 16,725: Hassan Distr., india), d, e Lateral view and coronal section of L.
Caption: Figure 1: The carpal bones in different visualizations: (a) a coronal section from the original spatial sequence, (b) an axial, and (c) a sagittal section from multiplanar reformatting.
The brains were removed from the skull and cut with a vibratome (Pelco, USA) into serial, 150-mm thick coronal sections. Sections were washed three times, 20 min each, in PB and once in a solution of 3% Triton X-100 in PB, before being incubated overnight, free-floating in the avidin/biotin/peroxidase complex (ABC, 1:200; Vector Laboratories, USA) at room temperature under constant agitation.
The TTC-stained coronal sections from each individual were scanned with a color flatbed scanner (Scanjet G3100, Hewlett-Packard, Shanghai, China).
[Figure 2] shows the parts of a typical image made from the rebuilt coronal sections in the database [Figure 1]b of PSVC with continuous and dynamic display.{Figure 2}
This coronal section shows new retroperitoneal air in the right iliac fossa and persistent intramural bladder air.
15), in the coronal section, at the level of the anterior white commissure, one could see all the structures as in the spider monkey but varying with respect to a more complex anatomical pattern.
2: Coronal section contrast enhanced computed tomography image showing left adrenal artery pseudoaneurysm.
CT TECHNIQUE FOR CORONAL SECTION: The procedure is discussed here.