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There's a reason they've completely cornered the market in flat-pack furniture - and it's not that those wee allen keys are easy to use.
This Owner has cornered the market on the recession proof business.
Colour changing clock, pounds 5 from QS/ Store 21 Toblerone cornered the market in triangular chocolate but it wasn't really a bar you could bring out at dinner parties.
More recently Tim Allen has almost cornered the market in the fat suit in a trio of The Santa Clause comedies.
CAROL Vorderman has undoubtedly cornered the market when it comes to presenting a squeezable, squeaky clean image via her daily stint on TV's Countdown.
FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW: Every semi-attractive, middle-aged, slightly dumpy UK actress must be cursing screen regular Caroline Quentin as she seems to have cornered the market in playing semi-attractive, middle-aged, slightly dumpy women.
She's smugly delighted while he's horrified, thinking: 'But EastEnders have cornered the market in sex between almost brothers and sisters
some 50 years ago, promised a new community, saw that dream disappear and then couldn't believe how the city bestowed the land to Walter O'Malley, who promptly cornered the market with a place called Dodger Stadium that opened in 1962.
BRITAIN has cornered the market when it comes to evocative car brands and names with Aston Martin, Land Rover and Rolls Royce coming out ahead of Ferarri and Lamborghini in a survey carried out by NOP World Automotive.
In a society that prizes the sufferer and engages in one-upmanship particularly when misery is concerned, Winfrey has cornered the market.
The '80s were, of course, marked by a return to painterly figuration, and artists like David Salle had seemingly cornered the market on the elegant fracture of high-fashion imagery.
Purkiss-Rose, the skatepark-building behemoth who have pretty much cornered the market on public skateparks in Southern California, continue to surprise and startle with their interpretation of what street skaters might enjoy riding.