core competence

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Core competence

Primary area of expertise. Narrowly defined fields or tasks at which a company or business excels. Primary areas of specialty.
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Core Competence

The primary field in which a business operates or is believed to be a leader. Core competence is the expertise in which a company is thought to excel and provide the greatest benefit to customers. This is important both in marketing and in the creation of business models. For example, a company will likely be able to charge higher fees for goods or services in its core competence.
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core competence

a key resource, process or system possessed by a firm that allows it to gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over rivals.
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The major findings were: a) there were inadequate opportunities to develop attitudes in all core competency domains, and b) competencies associated with safety and quality improvement were undeveloped in all KAS categories.
Chapter 6 discusses the core competency of HR planning and operations.
For example, ethics and values is a core competency in NIC's model.
It might be said that developing Airmen is too basic to be a core competency because it's inherent in our mission, we have to do it.
The challenge to business leaders, therefore, is to develop this core competency of contract management.
Cases should address the competencies identified in the AICPA Core Competency Framework for Entry into the Accounting Profession.
A core competency test can be very helpful to machine shop management.
LBM designed ASF to help automakers establish a core competency in software and electronics development that today is spotty at best.
Roundout officers were temporarily awarded the fully qualified AFSC and have until November 2005 to gain experience in one additional logistics core competency to retain the fully qualified AFSC.
"The plan builds upon the organization's new vision, mission and core competency.
In 1999, after consulting with a few local NeighborCare pharmacists in South Carolina, an education program was developed to train skilled consultant pharmacists in pharmacotherapy recommendations and core competency development.

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