core competence

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Core competence

Primary area of expertise. Narrowly defined fields or tasks at which a company or business excels. Primary areas of specialty.

Core Competence

The primary field in which a business operates or is believed to be a leader. Core competence is the expertise in which a company is thought to excel and provide the greatest benefit to customers. This is important both in marketing and in the creation of business models. For example, a company will likely be able to charge higher fees for goods or services in its core competence.

core competence

a key resource, process or system possessed by a firm that allows it to gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over rivals.
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Making this observation over the weekend, at the 2017 Best Marketing Student Award Ceremony, of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), which held in Lagos, Bolajoko, argued that cultivating areas of core competencies and adopting such competencies, remain one of the most powerful ways for organisation to grow and overcome competition.
"These new core competencies will inform curricula that ensure the entire health care team knows how to communicate with one another and how to collaborate to serve patients more effectively.
Published by the World Health Organization, this report contends that education in adolescent medicine improves the performance of healthcare practitioners, and it enumerates core competencies in adolescent and health development needed by primary care providers, as well as providing a tool to assess this component in their pre-service education.
The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (MDHE) Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies Committee (NOFNFC) identified 11 core competencies essential to nursing in a document titled Creativity and Connections (2007).
The paper revolves around three key words; green core competencies, green innovation and green image.
What has not been published, however, is a paper intended for intellectual leaders within corporations and their executives to help them conceptualize core competencies, discover the ones their firms hold, and know the place of these competencies within the structure of organizational knowledge.
Ensure Possession of Core Competencies. GSA will identify relevant courses, certifications, degrees, licenses and registrations to demonstrate possession of core competencies.
Core competencies in counseling and psychotherapy; becoming a highly competent and effective therapist.
It also identifies HR objectives, enduring principles, core competencies, key functions, and the command and control relationships with the sustainment community.
In February 2009, the American Hospital Association's Blue Ribbon Panel on Trustee Core Competencies issued a report that recommended two sets of core competencies for board members preparing to lake on the challenges now facing hospitals and health systems.
To be successful in today's competitive market and fluctuating economic environment, an enterprise needs to exceptionally manage the business processes and capabilities that are its core competencies.

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