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We are proud of our longstanding relationship with the university through the cooperative education program and are happy to count a number of Pitt graduates as AK Steel employees.
Union Agriculture Minister mentioned that Government is keen to strenthen cooperative education and training in these states and all efforts will be made to provide sufficient funds and other resources in this regard.
It's been demonstrated, and I speak broadly, throughout North America, as well as many other countries we work with, that co-op students do very well in the job market," says Paul Stonely, CEO of the World Association for Cooperative Education.
is a nationally-ranked STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Business university and a national leader in combining a rigorous academic environment with rich opportunities for experiential learning and cooperative education.
com)-- Montclair State University's Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education will present its annual Fall Career and Internship Fair on October 17, 2012 on campus in University Hall, 7th floor Conference Center from 1 p.
Dubai The University of Waterloo's (UW) UAE campus has experienced steady growth by offering unique cooperative education opportunities to engineering students in the UAE and the region.
com employs SCTD students for cooperative education positions.
We shall support your ministry in developing curricula and disseminating cooperative education and training pro grammes in a bid to revive cooperatives in your country," Nyagah has said.
This large, private, urban institution in Boston is known, among other things, for its longstanding commitment to cooperative education with a concentration on the professions, especially engineering.
Petersen first came to Dryden as a university cooperative education student in 1971, and joined the full-time engineering staff at Dryden in 1974 following his graduation from Iowa State University.
Seitz (University of Cooperative Education, Germany) collects work on aspects of digital watermarking in a worldwide context, presenting technical, business, and legal aspects.
My institution offers both undergraduate and graduate cooperative education courses and internships.

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