conversion ratio

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Conversion ratio

Applies mainly to convertible securities. Relationship that determines how many shares of common stock will be received in exchange for each convertible bond or preferred stock when a conversion takes place. It is determined at the time of issue and is expressed either as a ratio or as a conversion price from which the ratio can be figured by dividing the par value of the convertible by the conversion price.
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Conversion Ratio

The number of common shares obtainable for each convertible security should the investor exercise the convertible option. A higher ratio means that more common shares are available per convertible security. It is calculated using the following formula: Conversion Ratio = Face Value of Convertible Security / Conversion Price.
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conversion ratio

The number of shares of stock into which a convertible security may be exchanged. The ratio for a convertible bond is calculated by dividing the principal amount of the bond by the conversion price.
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For fishes within the weight range used in this study, feed conversion ratio slower than 1.5 may be considered very significant optimized performance (Sun et al., 2014).
In our study gradually increase in the body weight gain was observed in all groups but significantly no difference (P < 0.05) in the body weight gain of broilers was observed among control and phytase supplemented groups and feed conversion ratio was significant (P < 0.05) in phytase supplemented groups as compared to control.
Table-3: Weight gain, feed intake, and feed conversion ratio (FCR) in broilers fed diets supplemented with different concentrations of naringenin at 21-42 days and 0-42 days.
In the above equations, [d[alpha]/dt] is the reaction speed, percentlmin; k is the rate constant; t is the time; n is the reaction order; A is the frequency factor, [min.sup.-1]; D is the activation energy, kJImol; R is the gas constant (its value is 8.314 J/(mol*K)); T is the absolute temperature, K; [alpha] is the conversion ratio of kerogen at temperature T (its equation is [alpha] = [[w.sub.0] - [w.sub.T]/[w.sub.0] - [w.sub.T]], where [w.sub.0] is the initial mass of the oil shale sample, [w.sub.T] is the sample mass at temperature T, and [w.sub.T] is the mass of the residue when the pyrolysis reaction is terminated), and [beta] is the heating rate, [degrees]Clmin.
Furthermore, to exhibit the performances of the PCM more visually, polarization conversion ratio is also shown in Figure 3 by a black line.
Economics of broiler production: At the end of the experimental period (42 days) the European Production Efficiency Factor was calculated, based on the age of broilers at slaughter (days), their average live weight (kg), viability (%) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) (kg feed/kg gain).
Feed conversion ratio (FCR) was measured on the basis of total feed consumed by a broiler bird for gaining one kg weight.
1.305-7(b)(1) states that an adjustment in the conversion ratio or price made under a bona fide, reasonable adjustment formula will not be considered to be a deemed distribution of stock.
In order to attract investors, a company may set a higher conversion ratio, which translates into higher number of shares which may be taken up by bondholders upon conversion.
The three-phased Afipsky modernisation project, which is designed to increase the refinery's processing capacity and oil conversion ratio in order to improve product quality, will include the expansion and renovation of the existing refinery as well as the construction of a high-conversion refinery at the site, according to NefteGazIndustriya.Stage 1 will involve the expansion of current production installations to increase the refinery's crude oil processing capacity to 6 million tpy and to optimise feedstock supply logistics.
Results of the study demonstrated equipotent efficacy of pure berberine in comparison to that of standard drug amprolium on the basis of reduction in coccidian oocyst output, body weight gain of chicken and feed conversion ratio. Among the extracts crude methanolic extract showed highest anticoccidial activity tested at 300 mg/kg body weight which could be due to the presence of alcohol-soluble active ingredients in root bark of B.
At the end of the experiment, these records were used to evaluate economic indices such as cost of total feed consumed, feed conversion ratio, cost/kg feed, cost/kg weight gain, total variable cost, net benefits, cost : benefit ratio, cost of feeding and cost reduction (%).