conversion ratio

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Conversion ratio

Applies mainly to convertible securities. Relationship that determines how many shares of common stock will be received in exchange for each convertible bond or preferred stock when a conversion takes place. It is determined at the time of issue and is expressed either as a ratio or as a conversion price from which the ratio can be figured by dividing the par value of the convertible by the conversion price.

Conversion Ratio

The number of common shares obtainable for each convertible security should the investor exercise the convertible option. A higher ratio means that more common shares are available per convertible security. It is calculated using the following formula: Conversion Ratio = Face Value of Convertible Security / Conversion Price.

conversion ratio

The number of shares of stock into which a convertible security may be exchanged. The ratio for a convertible bond is calculated by dividing the principal amount of the bond by the conversion price.
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It is also unclear whether quality improvement can yield additional gains in the conversion rate or whether policy makers should consider more fundamental changes to the organ procurement system.
Series 2012 Notes The conversion rate for the Series 2012 Notes was previously 173.
Over the past 5 years, a growing number of retailers that count traffic have come to us with a request for a more pro-active, actionable software that would use their traffic and conversion rate information more meaningfully than what they were getting from their BI applications," says traffic counting veteran and SMS President Michael Bunyar.
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Upon conversion of a note, if the conversion value is $1,000 or less, holders will receive an amount in cash in lieu of common stock equal to the lesser of $1,000 or the conversion value of the number of shares of common stock equal to the conversion rate.
7615 conversion rate described above will be entitled to receive approximately $19.
The conversion rate for the 2012 Notes and the 2015 Notes, as adjusted, is 147.
Conversion rates can be updated as required from recognized reference sources according to company policy.
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