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In the context of securities, refers to the exchange of a convertible security such as a bond into stock.

In the context of mutual funds, refers to the free exchange of mutual fund shares from one fund to another in a single family.
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The act of exchanging a convertible security for the underlying common stock. For example, if one holds a convertible bond in company A, conversion occurs when the holder gives the convertible bond back to company A and, in return, either receives for free or buys at a stated price, common shares in the same company.
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(1) The process of changing a property into condominium ownership. (2) Wrongfully taking property of another,or denying that person access to his or her property.If a self-storage facility overlocks a tenant unit in the mistaken belief the rent is past due, when in reality the rent was credited to the wrong person's account,then the facility is guilty of conversion.

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Respondents were asked about who should have the authority to perform conversions in the country.
The team involved in conversion projects includes Project Managers, Project Leads, Developers, Authoring Tool Experts, the IT Team, an LMS Specialist, and a Quality Manager.
He said that there is a dire need for criminalise the forced conversion as there is no such law present against it.
Mariano, a former party-list congressman, has submitted to the Palace a draft executive order that will set-aside all land-use conversion cases pending a comprehensive review or audit of all CARP-covered land that escaped land distribution through the conversion.
Mariano further added that Duterte and Castriciones are "itching to accelerate the conversion of agricultural lands''.
To analyse the reasons for the conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy owing to per operative complications like
Upon conversion at the close of business on the Mandatory Conversion Date, the Series C Preferred Stock will no longer be outstanding and all rights with respect to the Series C Preferred Stock will cease and terminate, except the right to receive the number of whole shares of Common Stock issuable upon conversion of the Series C Preferred Stock and any required cash-in-lieu of fractional shares.
This conversion will not impact its earlier declared per share results, which included the dilutive impact of the conversion.
'Since the children were not present (during the conversion), and the conditions were not fulfilled, the registrar has no power to register them as Muslims,' Zainun said.
321 Precision Conversions, LLC anticipates approval of a supplemental type certificate (STC) for A321-200 conversions in 2019.