convenience store

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convenience store

a retail outlet offering customers the convenience of close location and long opening hours every day of the week.

convenience store (C-store)

A retail store that sells daily purchase items such as milk and beverages and impulse purchase items such as snacks and small gifts,usually in conjunction with gasoline sales.Convenience stores are attractive investments because the IRS allows rapid depreciation over a 15-year time period rather than the normal 39-year period required of typical commercial real estate.

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Starting with two employees at LUMS Convenient Store, today his staff volume has swelled to 2,700.
Lizanne Tan, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) head for market tenant representation, said there is now an influx of convenient store chains in the country, which is also somehow driving the growth of the local retail market.
Almost all convenient store and supermarket chains across Taiwan on Monday announced their lucky customers who have won a large amount of prize money through the uniform invoice, better known as the Taiwan receipt lottery, following Sunday's announcement of uniform invoice winning numbers for the January and February period by Taiwan's Ministry of Finance (MOF).
Supermarket operators generated the highest revenue growth of 13.01% in June, leading other retailers of general merchandise, with the performance attributable to the recent downpours; and revenues of convenient stores also increased 11.49%.
3 : easy to get to <There are several convenient stores in my neighborhood.>
Bidders can make payment with credit cards, at convenient stores, or through ATMs, with the intermediary charges ranging from 178 yen (for ATM payment of less than 30,000 yen) to the fixed rate of 4.2% of the transaction (for credit card/convenience store payment of 10,000 yen or more).