convenience store

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convenience store

a retail outlet offering customers the convenience of close location and long opening hours every day of the week.

convenience store (C-store)

A retail store that sells daily purchase items such as milk and beverages and impulse purchase items such as snacks and small gifts,usually in conjunction with gasoline sales.Convenience stores are attractive investments because the IRS allows rapid depreciation over a 15-year time period rather than the normal 39-year period required of typical commercial real estate.

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In fact, some experts associate the increasing number of single households to the boom in convenience stores.
The company expects these convenience stores, formerly known as Apollo Markets, to be rebranded as Minit Mart convenience stores and that they will undergo improvements in the coming months.
2 billion in total sales, single stores set their own impressive high point with $359 billion in total sales last year, according to the 2012 Convenience Store News Industry Report for the Single Store Owner.
Further, customer migration from convenience stores to hypermarkets is leading to a loss in the existing customer base of a convenience store.
While more shops seem to be following the convenience trend, many convenience stores are also taking after larger grocery retailers and other food suppliers-in some aspects.
Trips per shopper to convenience stores dropped by 2% relative to the first quarter of 2007, although the impact of declining shopper frequency was offset to some degree by a 3.
I suspect the current fad with convenience stores will come full circle and, within a couple of years, the big chains will start shutting them down to improve their return on sale ratios.
In the Northwest, I have seen new convenience stores closed and auctioned off at less than 50 percent of the storeowners' cost for the real property.
While not a required condition of membership, convenience stores often have the following characteristics:
If you can navigate the Japanese-only menu (or get a friend to do it for you), you can make your reservation, pay for your room and get your ticket right there at the convenience store.
lt's expected that more convenience stores will be selling fresh sandwiches, foods cooked on site, and other fast foods over the next four years," says Catherine Roberts, author of The Market for Convenience Foods in Convenience Stores, which was published by New York consulting and research firm FIND/SVP.