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Controllers include single-loop, multiloop and total machine units for blow molding, injection molding and extrusion.
For example, if one controller failed in a system that had four controllers in a single cluster the other three would continue on as if nothing happened.
He's well on his way to producing a kit that is 70 percent lighter, with leading-edge power sources, but one that will increase the combat capability of our controllers.
This is when a RAID controller really works best; it detects the new drive and determines it is unformatted, and precedes to format the drive without anyone's intervention.
debuted its ZON controller at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to thousands of curious onlookers.
A moisture controller at the muller is one of the critical components in delivering consistent quality sand to the line.
The company's products are used in mobile devices, information appliances, networked industrial controllers and automotive products.
Makes motion-control systems, including control cabinets, motors and converters, controllers, and software.
In contrast to the two methods--non-clustered virtualization and non-virtual clustering--described above, a virtualized clustering architecture provides N virtualized controllers and virtual disks within a clustered system.
Calibrates temperature controllers, indicators, recorders, and transmitters.
Controllers can be given new personalities quickly, allowing optimization towards diverse application segments such as rich media, which requires Enforced QOS, or OLTP that requires guaranteed consistent I/O rates at the expense of other applications or data within the customer environment.
Regev has structured its courses to prepare CPAs and qualified accountants for professional CFO and Controller positions and to empower incumbent CFOs and controllers who want to improve their professional skills.

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