Controlled foreign corporation

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Controlled foreign corporation (CFC)

A foreign corporation whose voting stock is more than 50% owned by US stockholders, each of whom owns at least 10% of the voting power.

Controlled Foreign Corporation

A company registered in and regulated by a foreign country that has at least 50% American ownership. Setting up a corporation in a foreign country may have tax advantages; for example, a country may encourage companies to register in it by having no corporate tax. The IRS works within the context of foreign treaties to determine how earnings from controlled foreign corporations are taxed in the United States.
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Coming regulations will reduce tax benefits of inversions by preventing certain uses of controlled foreign corporations and closing loopholes in the Sec.
The statistics presented below pertain only to FDEs with tax owners that are controlled foreign corporations.
Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service relating to proposed regulations regarding the treatment of foreign base company sales income from property produced under contract manufacturing arrangements and sold by controlled foreign corporations under section 954(d) of the Internal Revenue Code.
persons who are officers, directors, or shareholders of controlled foreign corporations.
shareholders of partners that are controlled foreign corporations, attempt--through special partnership allocations--to claim foreign tax credits not matched by income subject to U.
More than 50 island companies (subsidiaries of major corporations) have switched to another tax code provision (Section 901), known as Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs), but not all companies are able to find tax shelter under this provision.
The focus of Subpart F is on controlled foreign corporations, which are defined as having more than 50 percent of their voting power or stock value owned by U.
This measure will permit corporations to access cash from their controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) without having an income inclusion for U.
corporations (see Active versus inactive Controlled Foreign Corporations in the Explanation of Selected Terms section of this article).
965 to repatriate earnings from their controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) at n reduced rate (see Industry Directive #1 on Section 965
tax system provided by the check-the-box rules, noting that in some cases the proposed form would require taxpayers to submit more information in respect of disregarded entities than is currently required for controlled foreign corporations.

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