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Control person

Control Person

An important person in a corporation. Control persons include senior managers, members of the board of directors, and officers such as the CEO and CFO. Control persons are able to use both their authority and their influence to make decisions on the corporation's activities. A control person is also called an affiliated person.

control person

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The team conducted a nationwide register-based MEDALZ study and included 70,718 persons diagnosed with the Alzheimer's disease in Finland during 2005-2011, as well as 282,862 control persons.
As control persons, however, CFOs can be held legally responsible even if they made no statement of their own (e.
Part of security is especially guarding of movable and immovable property of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, as well as control persons on entry and exit, check arrival and departure of vehicles, keeping the "book report", patrolled the building inspection and fire prevention, unarmed.
Additionally, the company said that to qualify for trading on this tier, companies must provide their annual financial statements as per US GAAP or IFRS for a minimum of the last two fiscal years and post a completed OTC Pink Basic Disclosure Statement with detailed company information to the public such as security details, issuance history, officers, directors, control persons and third party providers.
Sanitary checkpoints monitor and control persons who have arrived from abroad.
91) The majority rejected this argument in light of Congress' "statute-by-statute approach to civil aiding and abetting liability" and its enactment of [section]20 imposing secondary liability with respect to control persons.
This procedure allows the control persons to stop any work which does not comply with MEDC electrical safety rules," Majid noted.
The Company's disclosures regarding control persons should not be relied upon until they are updated.
Washington, September 12 ( ANI ): In a new study, researchers have discovered that the serum-concentration of the antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene are significantly lower in patients with mild dementia than in control persons.
1 "Directors, Officers and Corporate Governance" of the TSX Venture Exchange none of Messrs Roman, Salomao or Egan are officers, employees or control persons of the Company or any of its associates or affiliates.
All of the persons issued restricted shares in connection with the acquisition will be deemed control persons under SEC rules.
As part of the Merger, current control persons of Your Travel (the "Tomer Group") and REZT (the "Brent Group") respectively will enter into a Stockholder Agreement that provides for certain cross voting provisions and related protections and control mechanisms as between the two groups.