contributed capital

Contributed capital

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Paid In Capital

Capital that a company raises in a financing round. That is, the paid in capital is the money a publicly-traded company receives when it issues new stock, either as an IPO or an additional issue. It is important to note that companies only raise paid in capital on the primary market; they do not receive any additional money from trades on the secondary market. The paid in capital goes toward expanding or improving upon a company's operations. It is also called paid-in surplus or the contributed capital.
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contributed capital

Funds or property transferred to a company by its stockholders. The contribution may be made in return for stock, in which case the payment is recorded as paid-in capital, or it may be a donation, in which case it is recorded as donated capital.
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Besides the World Bank investments, about 20 banks and savings and credit cooperative societies (saccos) have contributed capital so far.
This exception appears intended to allow a service partner to earn income as long-term capital gain under the normal rules with respect to a partnership interest received in exchange for contributed capital or to the extent the partner included the value of the interest in income under section 83.
The $100,000 of contributed capital plus the proceeds of a $400,000 recourse note are used to purchase an office building.
The full-service advertising company was established in 1968 in Beirut by seven partners, who each contributed capital equivalent to $1,000 and is part of McCann Worldgroup.
In this way it hopes to help the worker to earn a little interest and the government does not lose its contributed capital.
It follows EFSA accreditation of the extraordinary General Assembly Minutes, which included the approval to raise the company's issued and contributed capital for the portfolio management company from EGP 3m to EGP 5m.
McWatters zeroed in particularly on perpetual contributed capital that member credit unions invested with the corporates and questioned why it could not be viewed as capital for regulatory purposes.
The CRA -- unlike the pool of contributed capital to the Brics Development Bank, which is equally shared -- is being funded 41 per cent by China, 18 per cent from Brazil, India, and Russia, and five per cent from South Africa.
The CRA -- unlike the pool of contributed capital to the Brics Development bank, which is equally shared -- is being funded 41% by China, 18% from Brazil, India, and Russia, and 5% from South Africa.
He acknowledged that BHP owes so much to Japan for its role in growing the firm's iron ore industry in Pilbara and stressed that its joint venture participants, ITOCHU and Mistui, contributed capital. As trade partners, they served as key links into business markets.
A group of private investors also contributed capital in the round, Cylance, which specialises in math-based threat detection and prevention, said.