Continuous random variable

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Continuous random variable

A random value that can take any fractional value within specified ranges, as contrasted with a discrete variable.

Continuous Random Variable

A random variable that may take any value within a given range. That is, unlike a discrete variable, a continuous random variable is not necessarily an integer.
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The von Mises distribution is a continuous probability distribution on the circle, and is used in applications of directional statistics such as grain orientation.
Hence a continuous probability distribution function (pdf) becomes a discrete pdf that can be written:
The normal distribution is the continuous probability distribution given by f(x)=1/[pi][e.
Although the Appendix discusses these commonly used examples, the body of this article focuses on the more realistic assumption of a continuous probability distribution to describe the capital position of an insurer.
choose the most suitable continuous probability distribution to use for a given scenario
The beta distribution is a family of continuous probability distributions defined on the interval (0, 1) parameterized by two positive shape parameters, typically denoted by a and b.
The methodology proposed in this article utilizes an expert judgment model within a Bayesian framework for the more complex case of continuous probability distributions, The most general form of Bayes' Theorem applies to discrete probability distributions, and relates the conditional and prior probabilities of two events using the following equation,

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