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More than one class of securities traded together (e.g., one common share and three subscription warrants).


1. A combination of securities or types of securities packaged together and bought and sold as one. For example, a preferred share may have warrants and/or common shares attached to it when it is sold. See also: Paired shares, Cum warrant.

2. One thing that may be exchanged. For example, one dollar is a unit of money.


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Both police officers and other interested students with a personal computer, a modem, and Internet access can attend OPA and earn continuing education units for course offerings, which include Introduction to Law Enforcement and Media Relations for Law Enforcement.
NABCEP certified PV installers can now earn the continuing education units needed to maintain their certifications by learning about new products from Zep Solar that place them on the cutting edge of technology.
Exact Software[TM], the leading provider of solutions that help businesses better serve their customers by integrating their organization through optimized processes and structured critical knowledge, today announced that Exact JobBOSS training and continuing education courses are now certified for Continuing Education Units (CEU).
There are four key components to Community Link: Test Preparation, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Short Courses and Refresher Courses.
The complimentary programs are certified to offer continuing education units (CEUs) for registered architects.
6 continuing education units (CEUs) if you attend 80% of the education sessions and complete a final program evaluation.
The ACHCA site also has a Peer-to-Peer section that allows administrators to communicate with each other, and AGHGA is considering ways for administrators to earn continuing education units (CEUs) online.
CDEA President Ellen McKinley feels that the mandate allowed more than three years for completion because of the lack of available training options that award the required continuing education units (CEUs).
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are now available for all courses upon completion.
SCUP is a registered provider of continuing education units for the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

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