contingent order

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Contingent order

An order which can be executed only if another event occurs; i.e. "sell Oct 45 call 7-1/4 with stock 52 or lower".

Contingent Order

An order to a broker to conduct a transaction on the assumption that a related transaction is conducted. The related transaction may occur before, after, or at the same time as the contingent order. That is, an investor may give an order to his/her broker to buy Stock A contingent upon the sale of Stock B. A common example of a contingent order is a buy-write, in which an investor orders his/her broker to buy a security and at the same time write an option with that security as the underlying asset.

contingent order

A special type of security order that instructs the broker to take some action only in the event that something else has occurred. An example would be an order to sell call options on Westinghouse common stock only after shares of Westinghouse have been purchased at a specified limit price.
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Among the other features important to Cardinal's agricultural group are the platform's Electronic Eye and Contingent Orders.
A full range of single and advanced order types, including market, stop, limit and contingent orders (OCO, If/Then and more);
Frohlich was able to confirm that there were an abnormally high number of contingent orders placed by the firm's traders for both bullish and bearish positions.
OptionsHouse continues to improve its core product offerings, having introduced among other enhancements, its Covered Call Investigator, to help identify covered call opportunities; ability Risk Viewer, an enhanced state-of-the-industry risk monitoring and management tool; Virtual Trading, providing customers the opportunity to practice trading without risk to their own money; a trading tool-based Message Center; and Advanced Orders, which allow a client to enter additional order types including trailing stops and contingent orders.
In-bound FIX interface for DMA or multi-leg contingent orders.
Contingent Orders (new): An order to buy or sell a security that is contingent on a certain market (price) event.
Future enhancements will expand this functionality to include One Cancels Other, One Triggers Two, Contingent Orders and Trailing Stops.
Management expects to receive the first contingent orders for HydroGen's power islands this year, and looks for the Company to turn cash flow positive between 2007 and 2008.
Under the long-term supply agreement, BP has secured a mix of firm and contingent orders of up to 2,250 MW of additional Clipper turbines in its global wind portfolio.
Stops and contingent orders can be triggered by the price of either the option contract or the underlying stock or index.
Alta's functionality encompasses order and trade management for both outright and contingent orders including order routing to external exchanges and real-time trade reporting for reportable securities.