reserve for contingencies

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Reserve for Contingencies

A company's retained earnings that are not reinvested but set aside to protect against future losses. A company may set up a reserve for contingencies when it is performing well to guard against the risk that it may eventually perform poorly. A reserve for contingencies allows a company to maintain its operations smoothly even when it has suffered an operating loss.

reserve for contingencies

A part of retained earnings that are set aside for potential future losses. For example, a firm may establish a reserve account to cover the possibility of losing a lawsuit to which it is a party.
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While the bank is envisaged to have an initial focus on BRICS projects and might later expand its activity, the Contingency Reserve Arrangement will serve exclusively the needs of the five countries.
Where that outlook for the region is concerned, the 22 MWs reserve is way below the 63 MW required regulating reserve and 100 MWs required contingency reserve.
The reallocation will come from the university's contingency reserve funds, intended to meet necessary expenses that surface after the end of the traditional budgeting process," the university said in a news release.
6 billion, excluding a large contingency reserve, the construction cost of the project has increased by 17% even before it has started.
Board Chairman Omar Al-Ghanim told the press; the bank has increased its contingency reserve to KD 159 million, adding that the bank's total assets reached KD 4.
The revenue of $10,000 per year will be allocated to the Contingency Reserve Fund, with $2,000 to be paid to the Paris Chamber of Commerce at the end of the agreement in recognition that the sign was originally constructed by them.
Of course there is a very powerful moral case for the action we are taking in Libya, it's right that we find those resources precisely from the contingency reserve that we have," Alexander added.
The document approved by Coreper adds that the contingency reserve cannot lead to additional payment appropriations in 2011.
The revisions announced reflect an increase in the amount of the contingency reserve previously established in connection with the litigation and resulted in a negative impact on HP's first quarter net earnings of approximately USD73m or USD0.
To the extent the assuming insurer (reinsurer) does not establish such a segregated trust, the mortgage guaranty insurer must establish and maintain the required contingency reserve and polio/holders surplus sufficient to support the liability at issue.
Labour responded, "The Cabinet Paper repeats what the Finance Minister, Sue Essex, has said in plenary, that each time the Government publishes a three-year spending plan it intends to maintain as a contingency reserve 1% in year one of the plans, 2% in year two and 3% in year three.
109 (in particular, the creation of valuation allowances and determination of the tax contingency reserve under new FASB Interpretation (FIN) No.

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