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Canadian Dealing Network

An organized system for over-the-counter trading in Canada. It is a subsidiary of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
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Since Google Books is further along than the Open Content Alliance project and has captured the imagination by the sheer breadth of its undertaking, my examples will mainly come from Google.
has recently teamed with the University or California, the University of Toronto, the National Archive in England, Microsoft, and others to create the Open Content Alliance.
Internet company Yahoo Inc has announced that on Monday (3 October) it is to reveal the Open Content Alliance (OCA), a new consortium that will offer books, audio and video online.
And as for that private monopoly in the sale of digitized books, dozens of universities are working with the Open Content Alliance (run by the Internet Archive, one of the leading members of the OBA).
An Alternative to Google: The Open Content Alliance
Partnerships, such as the Cisco-led Content Alliance, are working to make the technologies speak to each other.
There is a thriving, anti-Google, counterrevolutionary OA project: the Open Content Alliance (OCA), a partnership of more than 100 academic, public, and special libraries as well as important private-sector information players.
2 mass book digitization effort, the Open Content Alliance? It isn't Google Book Search, but then, what is?
(BLC), which has 19 member institutions, and the Open Content Alliance, which uses Internet Archive technology.
Meanwhile, back in the world of public domain content, digitization continues to march along: Google Book Search, Open Content Alliance (OCA), Microsoft Live Book Search, and even a digitization partnership among Amazon's Book-Surge, Kirtas Technologies, and selected libraries.
(BLC) has teamed up with the Open Content Alliance (OCA) to build a freely accessible library of digital materials from all 19 member institutions.
The Open Content Alliance (OCA), originally supported by Microsoft and Yahoo!, has 40 members and regional scanning centers in six cities.

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