consumer goods

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Consumer goods

Goods not used in production but bought for personal or household use such as food, clothing, and entertainment.

Consumer Goods

Goods intended to be used by themselves, rather than as part of the production of another good. The most common consumer goods are food and clothing. Most of the time, consumer goods are sold by retailers, as opposed to wholesalers.

consumer goods

products such as television sets, bread and clothing, which are purchased by CONSUMERS for their own personal consumption. See GOOD, CONSUMER DURABLES, CONSUMER NONDURABLES.

consumer goods

any products, such as washing machines, beer, toys, that are purchased by consumers as opposed to businesses. Compare CAPITAL GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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t] denotes the relative price of investment to consumption goods at time t.
t] = [omega] suggested by Grimaud and Tournemaine (2007) in their Proposition 3, but a new policy is necessary: a subsidy to human capital allocation in the differentiated consumption goods sector.
Analysis of historical data supports this contention: monthly percent changes between the PPI for personal consumption goods and the CPI for commodities are much more correlated than percent changes between the PPI for personal consumption services and the CPI for services.
In each period, two goods are produced, a (non-storable) consumption good denoted by c and a capital (investment) good denoted by k.
If house price forecasts rise even further, then the effective house price becomes negative and the budget line actually slopes upward, meaning that by purchasing larger homes households can purchase more of other consumption goods.
In the goods market, a shopper purchases consumption goods while a worker produces and sells them.
For example, "television watching" and "eating a meal" are both consumption goods.
According to Gorakhpur's Custom Officer, Satpal Yadav : "An individual is allowed to carry personal consumption goods worth Rs 25,000, each time he comes to India from Nepal.
Those losing their jobs are, of course, less likely to spend on consumption goods.
He said already Iran imports $2 billion of consumption goods from Turkey and exports $800 million of goods to the neighboring country.
The rate of transformation between nondurable consumption goods and structures is exogenous and determines the relative prices of structures.
The relationship between labour productivity growth and the growth of consumption wages (wages deflated with the consumer price index) is mediated not only by changes in the labour share, but also by changes in the relative prices of output and consumption goods, that is, labour's terms of trade.