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Consumer goods

Goods not used in production but bought for personal or household use such as food, clothing, and entertainment.
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Consumer Goods

Goods intended to be used by themselves, rather than as part of the production of another good. The most common consumer goods are food and clothing. Most of the time, consumer goods are sold by retailers, as opposed to wholesalers.
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consumer goods

products such as television sets, bread and clothing, which are purchased by CONSUMERS for their own personal consumption. See GOOD, CONSUMER DURABLES, CONSUMER NONDURABLES.
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consumer goods

any products, such as washing machines, beer, toys, that are purchased by consumers as opposed to businesses. Compare CAPITAL GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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Credit did not become "the mainstay of the world of consumer goods during the fifteenth century" (104); it was already inveterate practice, in the purchase of all sorts of things, two centuries earlier.
Where is the largest and fastest growing market for the consumer goods and general rental centers?
Tamer Maher, the managing member of PI Technologies, highlighted that the partnership will provide ordering products of consumer goods companies by merchants electronically through the application, which facilitates communications and regulates the deals between consumer goods companies and merchants.
Visit the SGS Consumer Goods & Retail ( page today and join the conversation.
The Accenture CAS software platform helps consumer goods companies achieve greater trade efficiency and sales by enabling improved product availability on the shelf and increasing their ability to efficiently collaborate with retailers, while supporting the management of large, mobile sales and distribution forces.
CGT polled executives from 122 consumer goods companies of all sizes regarding their current solution or service providers across 10 technology and service categories, including Outsourcing/IT Integration.
Durable consumer goods fell by 0.1 percent in euro zone but rose 0.4 percent in the European Union compared to previous month.
Durable consumer goods grew by 1.7% and 1.5%, respectively.
The Danish national statistics office Statistics Denmark said on Wednesday (1 February) that the Danish seasonally adjusted retail trade index rose by 2.4% from November to December, boosted by strong sales within other consumer goods and clothes.
Inventive startups and established consumer goods makers strutted their stuff, while the national push to develop ubiquitous broadband and wireless connections was in ample evidence.

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