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Consumer goods

Goods not used in production but bought for personal or household use such as food, clothing, and entertainment.

Consumer Goods

Goods intended to be used by themselves, rather than as part of the production of another good. The most common consumer goods are food and clothing. Most of the time, consumer goods are sold by retailers, as opposed to wholesalers.

consumer goods

products such as television sets, bread and clothing, which are purchased by CONSUMERS for their own personal consumption. See GOOD, CONSUMER DURABLES, CONSUMER NONDURABLES.

consumer goods

any products, such as washing machines, beer, toys, that are purchased by consumers as opposed to businesses. Compare CAPITAL GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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We remain committed to serving the consumer goods market with innovative software that helps our customers, some of the world's top consumer goods manufacturers, grow their sales and become more efficient in daily field operations.
Because you'll see a downturn in the demand for consumer goods as well as an increasingly leveraged operating balance sheet for the average company.
Consumer Goods Companies Choose MicroStrategy for Enhanced Reporting and Analytics
Genpact is honored to be recognized by Consumer Goods Technology magazine for the innovative business process management services that we provide to the consumer goods market," said BK Kalra, senior vice president and business leader, Consumer Goods, Retail and Life Sciences, Genpact.
According to spokesman of Al Meera Consumer Goods, pre-existing Giant Stores will be rebranded in next few months.
OTCBB: HALO) and a leading developer of software solutions that empower corporations to streamline their analytical process and quickly turn disparate data sources into actionable insights, is pleased to announce that the company has been selected as one of Consumer Goods Technology magazine's Best-in-Class winners in the field of Customer Relationship Management.
Customers represent multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, AEC/owner operator, life sciences, consumer electronics and universities.
Nanotechnology presents a significant commercial opportunity for the consumer goods industry from both a producer and consumer perspective.
Goldratt's Los Angeles Viable Vision Offer will focus on the Consumer Goods industry detailing their current situation and explicitly addressing the problems manufacturers of consumer goods, as well as this industry's entire supply chain, face.
It does that by enabling manufacturers in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer Goods, High-tech and Electronics, Life Sciences, Mill Products and Industrial Machinery & Components industries to adapt quickly and easily to market changes and unexpected events; providing visibility and real-time control of manufacturing operations across the enterprise and supply network; integrating planning, execution and control; increasing operational efficiency; and eliminating errors in the production process.
The output of consumer goods, construction supplies, and materials decreased; the production of business equipment, which posted significant advances earlier this year, edged up for a second month.
Silgan Holdings is a leading manufacturer of consumer goods packaging products with annual pro forma net sales of approximately $2.

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