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Building Permit

Permission by a local government to build a new construction or renovate an existing one. A building permit helps ensure that the construction will be safe and that it will comply with inspections (and therefore with the building code). It also helps raise revenue for the municipality, since building permits usually require a fee.

building permit

Written permission from local government to proceed with construction, substantial repair,demolition,or sign erection on real property.The permit process serves several purposes:

• Revenue generation through permitting fees
• Early identification of potential problems, such as the need for historical district approvals
• Entry of the project into a tracking system to ensure code compliance through periodic inspections
• Estimation of the anticipated cost of the project, in order to assist local government with analysis of building and development trends
• Initiation of steps that will ultimately ensure all subcontractors have business licenses and correctly report their income for the year

(Developers typically include contingencies in their purchase contracts to allow for difficulties in obtaining building permits. Especially with large projects, which require extensive plan review before issuance of a permit,the permitting process can take many months.)

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In East Asia, Hong Kong (China) pursued a broad program that eliminated 8 procedures and cut the time for construction permits by more than 5 weeks, ranking it among the top reformers globally.
Israel frequently utilizes the lack of construction permits as a pretext for demolishing Palestinian houses.
The construction permit included the first four stages of a total of 11 stages of construction in the protected area.
A special commission chaired by Simeon Glavchev, advisor of Minister Naydenov, is to be set up to determine the construction permit fee on the basis of the property's appraisal.
Al-Abbasi said though his family has been living in the house since the construction was completed, he continuously tried to obtain a construction permit from the West Jerusalem Municipality, but to no avail.
There is a pressing need to eliminate unnecessary delays, reduce corruption in issuing permits, and increase investor interest in the construction sector through the reform and simplification of construction permit issuing process within Kabul Municipality.
It is easier to deal with a construction permit in Suez, for example, where the necessary clearances and the building permit are issued directly by the Municipal Authority.
This method of filing applications at the Department of Buildings will allow South Cove Associates, owner's of the Cove Club in Battery Park City, to receive their construction permit months earlier than the standard filing process.
Kaufman eventually signed a note stating that payment would be rendered on, among other conditions, timely delivery of the construction permit.
To secure a construction permit for the repository, DOE will have to submit a license application to the NRC, commencing several years of formal hearings on various technical and legal challenges expected by Nevada.
Construction of the Brisas project is expected to commence upon the issuance of the construction permit by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and securing sufficient debt and equity funding.
Chaleff had to recuse himself Tuesday from approving a nighttime construction permit for the downtown sports arena because his law firm, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, was hired by the city to negotiate the financial arrangement that allowed the arena developers to build the facility.

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