Constant dollar

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Constant dollar

Condition in which inflation or escalation is not applicable. Prices and costs are deescalated or reescalated to a single point in time.

Constant Dollar

A measure of a dollar's value with respect to some year. One may use a constant dollar analysis to account for inflation. For example, suppose one wishes to measure changes in the U.S. national debt. It would be most useful to use a constant dollar format, for example, by measuring the national debt for all years in the dollar's value in the year 2000. This eliminates inflation as a consideration when analyzing the national debt.
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The company continues to expect full year 2015 net revenue yields on a constant currency basis to be up 3 to 4 percent, which excludes translational and transactional currency impacts, compared to the prior year (up 2 to 3 percent on a constant dollar basis compared to the prior year).
On a constant dollar basis, adjusted EBITDA for the third quarter of 2012 was $35.
Cross-border volume growth, on a constant dollar basis, was a positive 14 per cent for the three months ended 30 June 2012.
First quarter constant dollar net revenue yields are expected to decline
Keywords: Owner's equity; Net assets; FAS 33; Constant dollar method; Current cost method
Teaching and research expenditures are deflated by the physician incomes index on the assumption that earnings rates of medical teachers and researchers are correlated with earnings rates of medical practitioners, and public health expenditures are deflated by the implicit GDP deflator on the assumption that a neutral deflation procedure is, optimal when there is no criterion for deflating in a non-neutral way (deflating by the implicit GDP deflator is neutral in the sense that the estimated proportion of GDP allocated to public health is the same, whether current or constant dollars are considered).
1 percent constant dollar growth rate in spending in 1994 and a 0.
Section H: PVF of payments when the payment changes by a constant dollar amount
And one of the most sensible ways to save and invest money is through dollar-cost averaging, also known as a constant dollar plan.
Golsby expects "net sales in the quarter of $934 million, up 15 percent versus the third quarter of 2010 on a reported basis, or 11 percent on a constant dollar basis.
2% (flat to down slightly on a constant dollar basis), compared to last
In real, constant dollar terms over a multi-period investment horizon, a nominal dollar U.

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