maturity phase

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Maturity phase

A stage of company development in which earnings to grow at the rate of the general economy. Related: Three-phase DDM.

Maturity Phase

In an industry life cycle, the period of time after an industry has grown rapidly but before it begins to decline. Different analyses posit different stages of an industry life cycle (usually four to five), but all emphasize that an industry's maturity phase reduces redundant products and processes, and is usually marked by companies in the industry acquiring one another. For example, in the video cassette recording (VCR) industry, after a period of rapid growth and technological innovation, a maturity phase occurred. The VHS technology overran the Betamax technology, and different companies selling VCRs attempted to corner a greater market share for their own (identical) versions of the product. It is also called the consolidation phase.

maturity phase

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There will be pauses or consolidation phases and even downward movements when investors reassess earnings growth potentials.
Fifty-four patients treated with paclitaxel-carboplatin and 78 with gemcitabine-cisplatin combinations in induction and consolidation phases. Concurrent chemo-RT included 60–66 Gray (Gy) of RT with weekly cisplatin and was similar in both the arms.
Those in arm A received paclitaxel-carboplatin combination during induction and consolidation phases at a dose of paclitaxel 175 mg/m[sup]2 intravenous (i.v.) with carboplatin area under curve 6 i.v.
Blood cell counts, liver function tests, and renal function tests were performed three weekly during induction and consolidation phases and weekly during the concurrent chemo-RT phase.
While during consolidation phase dose intensities in arm A were for paclitaxel 260 [+ or -] 20 mg with carboplatin 450 [+ or -] 100 mg and in arm B gemcitabine 1500 [+ or -] 500 mg with cisplatin 80 [+ or -] 15 mg [Table 2].{Table 2}