Consolidated tax return

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Consolidated tax return

A tax return combining the reports of affiliated companies, that are at least 80% owned by a parent company.

Consolidated Tax Return

A tax return providing information on the assets, liabilities, profits, and losses of a group of affiliated companies. Each company's tax return is reconciled so that the return is treated as if it were for a single company. A parent company may file a consolidated tax return if it owns at least 80% of its subsidiaries.
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Example 2: P, the common parent of an affiliated group that has elected to file consolidated tax returns, undergoes a Sec.
The Marriot Solana, in Westlake, Texas, was the site for TEI's Selected Issues in Consolidated Tax Returns.
Related companies in China cannot file consolidated tax returns, although they can file a combined return if certain conditions are met [2:23].
Since being acquired by CalEnergy, Magma Power has been included on the parent company's consolidated tax returns along with several other subsidiaries.
In February we have planned a half-day session on consolidated tax returns.
Businesses that have operations in more than one county and that file consolidated tax returns.
The single-entity assumption often is discussed in relation to the tax law governing consolidated tax returns.
123R, and the impact of tax benefits associated with filing consolidated tax returns for continuing and discontinued businesses.
The taxpayer in the ruling is engaged in the business of generating electricity and filed consolidated tax returns, which took into account the income and losses of all related entities, including those treated as partnerships or disregarded entities.
Companies that file consolidated tax returns often have tax-sharing agreements that govern the intercompany settlement of tax obligations.
For more than 25 years, CORPTax Software has had a significant impact in the corporate tax software marketplace, allowing companies to automate, calculate and prepare their corporate consolidated tax returns and provisions in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.
a corporation that filed consolidated tax returns, owned and operated a large number of food and drug stores.

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