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The philosophy that what has been done should continue to be done as long as there is not a positive reason to change it. Conservatives may favor class distinctions as natural, or at least not harmful. In modern times, conservatism has become associated with the political right, or the belief that capitalism and the free market tend to best determine how an economy ought to be organized.




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And, if ideas are as important to the conservative movement as Hart seems to think, then he scants the significance of the neoconservatives.
If the Conservative movement and its synagogues can develop a plan to recruit and retain the graduates of these transdenominational and community schools, it will have succeeded in strengthening and re-envisioning itself for the twenty-first century and beyond.
My husband and son, who spend their days in the open environment of Gann Academy, Boston's pluralistic Jewish high school, and who spend hours together in the car each day discussing such matters, recently presented me with a theory of Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement, which they suggest are no longer one and the same.
The Conservative movement has long respected the diversity of beliefs, practices, and conceptions of its adherents.
The international spread of the RA is comparatively recent, with the exception of Argentina, where the late Rabbi Marshall Meyer established a vigorous Conservative movement following his arrival in Buenos Aires, in 1959.
The academic institution of the Conservative movement which educates candidates preparing to be rabbis, cantors, principals and teachers.
I've greatly appreciated his friendship and counsel and wish him the very best as he moves to new ventures, and look forward to his continued leadership within the conservative movement.
They are trying to push the conservative movement farther in the direction in which it has been going since the mid-1960s.
Political columnist and radio host Press declares the modern conservative movement, which began with Robert Taft's opposition to the New Deal, a failed corpse.
But it is fair to say that, in the opinion of many serious people, the integrity of the conservative movement as we've known it is at stake.
But this is not to be done as part of a conservative movement and not as an agenda and certainly not as part of a fundraising scheme.
YAF was the political wing of the conservative movement.

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