Conference calls

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Conference Call

A telephone call in which there are more than two participants. In investing, a publicly-traded company schedules conference calls where any analyst following that company may hear about its recent happenings. That is, a company executive speaks on a conference call and attempts to present information, such as quarterly earnings or a merger, in the best possible light for analysts. The SEC requires companies to schedule conference calls in advance and to allow as many analysts as possible to listen in on them.
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Conference calls.

Conference calls are one of the primary methods that corporate executives use to make presentations to investment analysts and respond to their questions.

In general, conference calls are set to correspond with the imminent release of quarterly corporate earnings, and are intended to put the results in the best possible light.

Conference calls may also deal with other matters, including mergers, acquisitions, stock splits or reverse splits, or relevant political or economic developments.

To ensure accessibility and comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation FD (for Fair Disclosure), calls are scheduled in advance and are open to all legitimate analysts following the company.

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This conference call can be accessed by dialing 1-866-519-2796, passcode 876127.
MeetingMogul Pro also offers subscribers a one-touch conference call connection application that works with conference calling services including GoToMeeting, WebEx and Microsoft Lync.
* White House Conference Call about implementation of the Affordable Care Act in advance of release of press materials to the public
The company responded to these concerns through press releases and conference call scripts, as well as through direct mail and one-on-one investor communication.
Now everything goes out over a simulcast--a live broadcast on, for example, the Web and television--or a conference call. Our clients no longer correct analysts' forecasts, either," she adds.
To the extent that analysts were the primary audience for conference calls, new information released during these calls could represent selective disclosure.
A recent example was when Axa held its year-2000 earnings conference call in March, making it accessible not only to financial analysts but also to the public through a simultaneous Internet broadcast and replays of the call made available on the company's Web site for several days thereafter, Stansfield said.
An association's 800 number can be set up to be the bridge number for conference calls among members, conference calls among traveling or local key staff and the chief staff executive, or conference calls among telecommuting staff and headquarters staff.
NEW YORK: Signature Bank announced that management will host a conference call to review results of its 2018 first quarter ended March 31, 2018.
Vapps, which announced a similar agreement with Internet telephony company Skype in June, said it can offer high voice quality for free conference calls with up to 500 simultaneous participants.

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