labour law

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labour law

the body of legislation and judicial decisions concerned with INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, TRADE UNIONS and employment. Labour law has two main forms:
  1. individual labour law, relating to the rights and obligations of individual employees.

    From the 1960s onwards the volume of law in this area has grown considerably, partly as a response to European Union legislation. The Employment Act 1975 was particularly important as it established the right not to be unfairly dismissed (see UNFAIR DISMISSAL). Other important legislation in this era proscribed DISCRIMINATION on grounds of race or sex. In the 1980s individual rights were weakened somewhat. For example, the qualifying period for the right not to be unfairly dismissed was extended. However, legislation by the European Union counterbalanced this trend to some extent, and in the 1990s employees' rights in the areas of dismissal, MATERNITY RIGHTS, PARENTAL LEAVE and WORKING TIME were widened and strengthened;

  2. collective labour laws, relating to the activities of TRADE UNIONS and the conduct of INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS and COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. Traditionally, the law has not played an important role in industrial relations, and agreements made between unions and employers are not legally binding (see VOLUNTARISM). However, industrial relations has become increasingly subject to legal intervention in recent years (see JURIDIFICATION). In the 1970s a statutory union recognition procedure was established (subsequently repealed) by the Employment Act 1975. This law also required that employers consult over REDUNDANCIES and pass to unions information relevant to collective bargaining (see DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION). In the 1980s and 1990s the conduct of STRIKES, TRADE UNION IMMUNITIES, SECONDARY ACTION, and the CLOSED SHOP were all the subjects of legislation, much of it aimed at eradicating what the government saw as trade union abuses. Recently a new STATUTORY UNION RECOGNITION PROCEDURE was introduced. Whilst union action continues to be highly regulated, labour law is now seen to be less hostile to unions than it was in the 1980s and 1990s. See MINIMUM WAGE.
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Section 6 (2) of the Elections Act, 2017 reads: 'The Commissioner shall exercise powers relating to the appointment of officers and staff to be employed in connection with the functions of the Commission and determine their terms and conditions of employment in accordance with the Rules.'
"The proposed rule can certainly give some clarity to the business community and address some of the concerns that businesses have about being made subject to the joint-employer standard, even when they don't have direct and immediate control over the terms and conditions of employment of another entity's employees," Higgins said.
settlement of disputes arising in connection with the determination of terms and conditions of employment
"This ballot resulted from a refusal by the management of Transdev, the company which runs the Luas network, to accept our members' claim for improved terms and conditions of employment as part of a new collective agreement.
Gold Fields Limited(JSE, NYSE, NASDAQ Dubai: GFI), an unhedged, globally diversified producer of gold, has reached a three-year wage and other conditions of employment agreement with its registered trade unions at its South Deep mine in South Africa.
But last night Siptu members said they would not accept any unilateral changes to their terms and conditions of employment.
Percy McCallum, Swakop Uranium Vice-President Human Resources and Business Support said, "Swakop Uranium strives to implement best practice standards in occupational health and safety, employment equity, conditions of employment, training and development and industrial relations.
I DO not know the employment status of Mr R Evans (Letters, July 18) but I do know that I would not choose to comment on his wage, terms and conditions of employment and holiday entitlement unless I had the experience of working in the same or similar position as him.
This scheme, however, is not about helping people - it's all about making life as miserable as possible for those unemployed - including finding additional grounds for the government's out of control "sanctions" process, incidentally helping to drive down terms and conditions of employment.
An update on dealings with management, published by the Pilot Group this month, said: "Nothing is going to change for us as pilots until we stand together to show management that our terms & conditions of employment are no longer acceptable."
The reality is that private companies often operate in a business environment that limits their ability to offer competitive conditions of employment. Both employers and prospective employees should find ways to achieve job satisfaction as well as maximum remuneration.

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