Conditional call

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Conditional call

Applies mainly to convertible securities. Circumstances under which a company can effect an earlier call, usually stated as percentage of a stock's trading price during a particular period, such as 140% of the exercise price during a 40-day trading span.

Conditional Call

A provision in a convertible security agreement outlining the circumstances under which the issuer of the convertible security may call it without allowing the holder to exercise the convertible option. Most of the time, the conditional call states that the issuer may call the convertible security if the price of the underlying stock is trading outside a certain range, such that exercising the convertible option will put an undue strain on the issuer.
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When a TrapCall subscriber receives a call, they use their phone's conditional call forwarding feature to send the call to TrapCall.
The company has been granted a 3-year conditional call option which gives the right, but not the obligation, for it to acquire 100% of Ardan Logistics Kenya Ltd, a separate and new shell company from which the restructured business of Ardan will be run.
Demand for YouMail service on pre-paid phones has been significant but largely unavailable to date, with the company estimating that at least 500,000 pre-paid wireless customers have attempted to add the service without success, as most pre-paid wireless plans do not support the conditional call forwarding needed for services like YouMail.
lt;p>The link will work via the cell phone's conditional call forwarding service, which diverts calls to a specified number if they go unanswered for a certain number or rings or if the cell phone is out of the service area.
In addition, Ferrovial and Macquarie Airports agreed to grant each other conditional call and put options on the holdings of Ferrovial Aeropuertos in the capital of the companies managing airports in Sydney and Bristol.

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