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In character she seemed to me to resemble the Comtesse de Lignolles and the Marquise de B , two feminine types always fresh in the memory of any young man who has read Louvet's romance.
la Comtesse will be at liberty to break the silence which is imposed upon me.
The Comtesse de Soissons interrupted the narrator: "Confess, count, you are inventing.
If you had listened to what I was saying, you would have heard that I did not only pray for the Comtesse du Barry.
The Comte and Comtesse de Vandieres owed their lives to their carriage, behind which Philippe forced them, using it as a breastwork.
Clarisse, a daughter of Salse, who was appearing for only the fifth time on a racecourse, broke her duck in some style, overcoming plenty of traffic congestion to beat Ian Balding's Comtesse Noire by two and a half lengths.
ALL the smaller varieties are worth trying, but the following can be recommended; Barbara Dibley (red), Comtesse de Bouchaud (pink), Doctor Ruppel (pink stripe), Duchess of Edinburgh (white double), General Sikorski (blue), Hagley Hybrid (pink), Louise Rowe (lavender), Niobe (deep red) Mrs N.
Jennifer Saunders plays the pushy, nasty Comtesse de Vache, complete with cleavage you could park a coach and four in and Dawn French is her ooh-aahing maid Lisette, complete with cleavage you could hide the Palace of Versailles in.
40), having been unlucky at York last time, while Comtesse Noire has each-way claims stepped up to a mile in the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association Maiden (4.
Fillies dominate the finish of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, with Allez France (Angel Penna/Yves SaintMartin) just holding the late surge of Comtesse de Loir (Jack Cunnington/Jean-Claude Desaint).
Saunders plays Colombine, Comtesse De Vache, and French is her maid Lisette.