computer-integrated manufacturing

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computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)

the use of COMPUTERS to integrate all facets of PRODUCTION planning and control, including product design, factory layout planning, production scheduling and stock control. See COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING.
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Part III, "Manufacturing and Machining Processes," covers computer-integrated manufacturing, computer-aided manufacturing applied to machining operations, electroforming, hobbing, surface structuring, and other topics.
Yet for processors invested in computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), the internet is poised to take on a far more productive role.
Many accounting and management analysts demonstrate that modern production techniques such as computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) can revitalize a business by boosting productivity and cutting scrap, rework and customer lead time.
Biles & Associates, a manufacturer of software for computer-integrated manufacturing applications, recently announced its selection by Fisher Controls as the first participant in Fisher's "Referenced Complimentary Solutions Program.
Management carried out its quality programs at all levels of the organization using computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) as the foundation.
Computer-integrated manufacturing harnesses information system technology to integrate these manufacturing and business objectives.
It is still quite rare to hear of a thermoformer with experience in computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM).

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