computer-aided manufacturing

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computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

the use of COMPUTERS to impart operating instructions to NUMERICALLY-CONTROLLED MACHINES and ROBOTS employed in PRODUCTION systems (mass production, batch production, group technology and flexible manufacturing systems). CAM enables PRODUCTION SCHEDULING to be completed more efficiently and quickly, particularly in rescheduling production to accommodate new or redesigned components or products. CAM systems are especially effective when linked to COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN (CAD), for with CAD/CAM computer software packages it is possible to provide design specifications and parts lists for components or products directly to the machines that will produce these items.
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Within the framework of the project "development of infrastructure research and development facilities Record the communication Equipment PZL Swidnik is a joint-stock company [beaucoup moins que][beaucoup plus grand que] together with the employment of skilled" carried out within the framework of the project "development of individual research and development facilities infrastructure Communication Equipment PZL-Swidnik[beaucoup plus grand que] Label [beaucoup moins que]joint-stock company with the employment of skilled" co-financed by European Union within the framework of the operational programme development of Eastern 2007-2013 Polish planned is to purchase additional licenses of the software for computer-aided manufacture.
This can take many forms: smart materials, remote sensing, computer-aided manufacture, and robotics to name but a few such ways of exploring this area.
Because the Professional Suite and PowerPro Suite are so cost effective, companies can afford to equip entire PCB divisions with the tools so schematic capture, simulation, layout/routing, and computer-aided manufacture can be performed in a seamless design environment that fosters increased productivity and quicker time to market.

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