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2015), by studying the computer-assisted instruction model, some comments on computerassisted instruction are proposed as well as the three-tier computer-assisted instruction model based on constructivism.
Significant Degrees of Degrees of Abundance Test freedom 2 freedom 1 Science learning lessons 0/193 52 1 1/740 Test Science learning lessons Significant Stage Posttest 0/193 Stage Posttest Table 4: Summary of covariate effects of computer-assisted instruction on science learning lessons Students.
Research has shown success with both assistive-technology and computer-assisted instruction for students with ASD, and we believe achievement with computers can be extended to total online course delivery that can be used effectively to replace one or more brick-and-mortar courses.
Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) has been demonstrated to be effective for increasing sight word recognition (Chambers, Abrami, McWhaw, & Therrien, 2001; Englert, Zhao, Collings, & Romig, 2005; Irausquin, Drent, & Verhoeven, 2005; Lee & Vail, 2005).
Improving African American student achievement in reading with computer-assisted instruction and CL (Unpublished doctoral dissertation).
The table also shows that there are differences in post- test mean scores between experimental and control groups in classification skills scale in the favor of experimental group, and this indicated that the computer-assisted instruction as effective on enhancing the classification skill in young children (the experimental group) at risk for LD.
Two different instructional materials: computer-assisted instruction and a computer-based video game were used in this study.
Efficacy of a computer-assisted instruction program in a prison setting: An experimental study.
These include traditional teaching methods; active learning strategies, such as case studies, problem-based learning, and simulation; and the basics of computer-assisted instruction, distance learning, and teaching psychomotor skills.
The review covered three approaches to improving math achievement - textbooks, computer-assisted instruction, and approaches emphasizing professional development in specific teaching methods, such as cooperative learning and teaching of learning skills.
Personalized feedback and cognitive achievement in computer-assisted instruction.
The text includes problem-solving strategies, group activities to develop new critical thinking skills, a computer-assisted instruction tutorial, and suggested readings.
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