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Effect on academic achievement in science computer-assisted instruction.
Using computer-assisted instruction and the nonverbal reading approach to teach word identification.
Comparison of several feedback methods for correcting errors by computer-assisted instruction.
Data from the computer-assisted instruction were collected during the first treatment session, after one month of intervention, and after two months of intervention.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computers in Education/International Conference on Computer-Assisted Instruction 2000, (pp.
When using computer-assisted instruction the teacher organizes the learning situation.
Fourie, for example, describes a series of novel experiments in the use of computer-assisted instruction for distributed learning in library and information science.
Nuttall also is the ground-breaker in computer-assisted instruction providing inmates with software and training.
Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) arose alongside our first online catalogs.
The following is a listing of instructional methods in ranked order from "most to least useful": games/simulations, guest speakers, audio-visual aids, computer-assisted instruction, business or community-related resources, educational television, written resources, textbooks, self-paced materials, and workbooks.
Upon returning from West Point, they further revised the program's training scenarios and computer-assisted instruction to fit contemporary policing issues.
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