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The report also states, "Providing furniture and office arrangements designed to help people use computer terminals and PCs .
The most important external drivers were OIF rotation dates, scheduled hardware refresh dates for the Marine Corps Digital Automated Computer Terminal, and the Army software blocking milestones.
This article is reprinted with permission using excerpts from "Personal Computers and Computer Terminals in Commercial Buildings," a brief written by Eugene Burns at the Energy Information Administration for the U.
Second, unlike with paper files, the number of investigators who may assist in the search is limited by the number of computer terminals available for document display.
First, use of both types of features depended on accessibility of computer terminals.
The same program is expected to be introduced at the Glendale Central Library, with four dedicated computer terminals, as early as the end of this month.
Like those of the human body, but unlike what shows up on a computer terminal, painting's messages are formulated and inscribed on a durable substance.
Computer terminals are input/output devices that connect with a central computer for processing.
The standard configuration is still a data collection unit (DCU) of some sort on or near each injection machine that monitors production and process data and feeds it to a central computer terminal for analysis.
Amid balloons and a line of readers waiting to check out books, Saugus resident Arla Waxman sat at a computer terminal and let out a scream.
com/research/a1d822/2009_worldwide_com) has announced the addition of the "2009 Worldwide Computer Terminal Manufacturing Report" report to their offering.
The just published Computer Terminal Manufacturing Industry report is the comprehensive market research guide on the industry.

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