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The corporation addressed almost all the computer security weaknesses we previously identified in our audits for calendar years 2001 and 2002.
To enquire about Sophos's free computer security assessment, email or visit www.sophos./nhs
The intent of the Maine program is to foster awareness of computer security as a career choice and perhaps to turn some of these students into Maine-based computer security specialists.
The most common computer security breaches, experts said, come from disgruntled or former employees who know the company's system.
In Hacker Cracker, Ejovi Nuwere (with coauthor David Chanoff) shares his unlikely life story, that of a kid from a poor Brooklyn neighborhood who becomes an expert computer hacker and later a computer security specialist.
What's more, outside of a Tom Clancy novel, computer security specialists believe it is virtually impossible to use the Internet to inflict death on a large scale, and many scoff at the notion that terrorists would bother trying.
A book on computer security should be exciting and engaging.
This paper reports on research into the field of computer security, and undergraduate degrees offered in that field.
offers Internet and personal computer security to their clients with such confidence that the offer a $50,000 cash prize to anyone who successfully hacks into their system.
Japan's computer virus response team will organize a three-day forum from Sunday to establish coordination in the Asia-Pacific region to counter computer security attacks, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) said Monday.
The purpose of this paper is to outline computer security issues influencing automated services in libraries.

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