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computer-aided design (CAD)

the use of COMPUTERS in the DESIGN of new components or products and in the re-design of existing products. Unlike hand drawings, CAD design specifications can be shown on a visual display unit and redrawn to produce different versions of the components or product. CAD can also be linked to computer-aided process planning (CAPP) to determine the best methods by which to manufacture a product. Moreover, a component or product can be subjected to various tests of strength, performance, etc. using computer-aided engineering (CAE) software without having to build prototypes; thus changes in product design can be made quickly and cheaply (see NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT). CAD is particularly useful in designing and classifying components and products used in GROUP TECHNOLOGY production and in FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS. See COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING.

computer-aided design (CAD)

The use of computer software to assist in performing standard architectural and engineering design services. Products range from the most basic shareware home design and landscaping software to sophisticated systems with three-dimensional flyover and walk-through capabilities,project budgeting,and timeline creation.

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In the early planning stages, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) was used to create LEGEND OF THE SEAS' basic design and find a suitable hull shape which would minimize drag and maximize fuel economy yet provide a comfortable ride.
Courses include Total Quality Management, Management Skills, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Office Automation, Computer Assisted Design and Production Techniques.
in Chemistry at Harvard University, and has published or co-published dozens of articles in molecular chemistry and computer assisted design.
The compact (slightly thicker than a 35mm film cartridge) camera is the first Kodak camera to be entirely designed using computer assisted design technology.
Determination of such structures permits computer assisted design of drugs such as Cytoclonal's Quantum Core Technology(TM).
Session 1, called "IT applications and the automotive industry", will address such technologies as Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), supply chain coordination, and Database applications.
provides healthcare and pharmaceutical services, including infectious medical waste disposal, medical and surgical supplies, pharmaceutical research based on computer assisted design, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.
This phase will rely heavily on the Company's extensive Computer Assisted Design (CAD) facilities and will include CAD training for the client's engineers.
Some of these are in areas in which we have created totally new imaging capabilities, and others are cases in which we are combining some of our instant photography friends with new electronic imaging capabilities to provide hybrid systems to capture opportunities that are there for us," said Buckler, who unveiled a new instant thermal imaging material, called Polatherm, which utilizes a new Polaroid chemistry to produce high-quality monochrome images from computer assisted design systems.
CrossComm has been chosen by Benetton because of the company's ability to provide a solution that offers the kind of high bandwidth, high speed and reliability essential for generating and distributing the computer assisted design of a winning Formula One race car where, in this industry, every fraction of a second counts.

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