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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.
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A request for a loan that includes the information about the potential borrower, the property and the requested loan that the solicited lender needs to make a decision.

In a narrower sense, the application refers to a standardized application form called the “1003” which the borrower is obliged to fill out.

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He aims for completing the two-year Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course in the next six months.
The MMDA has long had those 'computer applications' in place in Metro Manila, spending tens of millions in taxpayer money.
Meant for introductory computer applications courses taught in grades six through eight, this textbook teaches computer concepts and skills and keyboarding.
"Computer applications courses (at the high school level) really are not going to be necessary in the future ."
Dhanda (computer science, Middlesex County College) presents an exam preparation guide for undergraduate students wishing to take the College Board's College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) information systems and computer applications test to test out of and gain credit for introductory business information systems courses.
Despite the title, Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology is not a broad treatment of the use of technology in the classroom but rather a work that treats one aspect of technology, albeit an important one, the use of computer applications in the classroom.
Paul, MN), a unit of Wicks Educational Publishing, has acquired Lawrenceville Press (LVP; Pennington, NJ), a developer and publisher of computer applications and programming textbooks for the U.S.
Business designs and manufactures computer input devices that enhance the performance of computer applications. By simplifying input controls company's products increase productivity that results in an improved bottom line for its customers.
While it is estimated that open source software can be used in up to 80 percent of the major computer applications used by students, other education-specific programs presently exist only as proprietary products.
Computer applications in pharmaceutical research and development.
This is, I think, quite an old walkthrough because it is actually a set of controllable set views, lacks the photographic realism of which modern 3D computer applications are capable.
BD-ROM format has a huge memory size of 54 GB (dual layer, single side), which is 6 times larger than that of DVD-ROM, and has the potential of becoming an ideal medium to distribute next generation entertainment content from movies and music to computer applications. Standardization of this format is currently underway lead by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA).

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