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You should also realize that computer systems are not just subject to vulnerabilities which are intentionally inflicted by hackers or disgruntled employees but may result from natural disasters, such as floods or fires.
Hayslett said the court has computer systems to track cases before the court, financial system computers and computers used for word processing.
Exploitation: the hacker wants to exploit a computer or computer system to obtain information or vandalize the computer.
Frequently, data entry is outsourced to firms in Mexico, the Caribbean, and India, where labor is far less expensive and the desire to obtain any computer systems work is much higher than in America.
SAN-Attached Storage (SAS) refers to storage elements that connect directly to a SAN and provide file, database, block, or other types of data access services to computer systems.
The City does not have sufficiently trained, accounting-wise, computer personnel to resolve the thousands of billing errors affecting both computer systems.
But before churches plunge into purchasing a high-tech system, Sam Taylor, the church's computer systems supervisor, cautions that all the savings and conveniences do not come without a price.
The implementation of a computer system in a nursing home is not as scary as it used to be.
There are many computer systems costing less than $1000.
The report -- one of the most comprehensive looks at security problems in nonmilitary, unclassified computer systems and networks -- paints an alarming picture of the parlous state of those systems.
Fujitsu Computer Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) committed to the design, development and delivery of advanced computer systems and managed services for the business enterprise.
However, many older "legacy" computer systems still have software or databases without this capability.

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