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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

An accountant who has met certain standards, including experience, age, and licensing, and passed exams in a particular state.

Certified Public Accountant

A professionally licensed accountant. In the United States, CPA eligibility conditions vary by state, but all require the successful completion of a four-part CPA exam. CPAs can legally give public attestation to advice on financial statements; for example, only a CPA can sign an in-house audit. See also: Accountancy.


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It was a tough, tough judging process because there were so many good entries," said Neil Chase, executive director of the Computer Press Association.
The Computer Press Association is a non-profit, professional organization promoting excellence in computer and technology journalism.
Computerworld, the leading weekly newspaper for information technology leaders, provides timely news and analysis on all aspects of the computer industry and has been recognized three times by the Computer Press Association as the Number One computer newspaper.
Eric Knorr was the editor and principal author of The PC Bible (Peachpit Press), winner of a Computer Press Association award.
The half-hour show, which was recently honored with the Computer Press Association Award for best television series, will once again be hosted by CableAce Award winner Richard Hart and Gina St.

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