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The corporate manager responsible for the firm's accounting activities. Sometimes referred to as the contoller (which means the same thing).


The chief accountant in a company or government. The controller is the head of the accounting department and is responsible for financial and managerial accounting. He/she helps management interpret and appropriately respond to accounting data. A controller is also called a comptroller.


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After the application, interview, and selection process, the carefully chosen officers are excited to enter a new career field and start working toward the ultimate goal of comptroller squadron command.
Armed with accurate and timely information and sound advice from a well-trained professional team of financial managers, comptrollers can focus on providing the commander and senior staff with advice on the most effective use of resources.
Commissioned by Grant Thornton LLP, the survey was conducted during February and March 2006, with responses from 122 CFOs and senior comptrollers at public and private companies with revenues ranging from less than $50 million to more than $2 billion.
The pending wave of retirement for comptroller career field civilians is a serious concern, but executing the Campaign for Comptrollers will go a long way to reduce the negative impact of these retirements.
Additionally, comptrollers manage the Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP), whereby seized Iraqi funds are returned to the people of Iraq by paying for the construction of schools, playgrounds, and baseball fields, as well as funding other actions that directly impact the citizens of Iraq.
All questions or concerns regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing to Peggy McGarrity, Chief Deputy Comptroller, 201 S.
As Deputy State Comptroller from 1986 to 2003, he provided leadership to a staff of more than 500 employees.
Al Fleumer, USA, Installation Comptroller at the historic Kansas installation.
Glenn Hegar, a Katy Republican who will be sworn in as comptroller in January, plans to replace much of the office's top management with people from his campaign and Senate office, as well as through promoting longtime comptroller staffers.
And the state's next comptroller will be charged with estimating how much revenue lawmakers can expect to work with.
DAYTON, Ohio -- The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts today announced that it has selected Teradata, a division of NCR Government Systems LLC, which is owned by NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR), to continue to provide the platform for its Advanced Database System (ADS).