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an item such as a gearbox, steering wheel, etc. which is used in the assembly of another component or final product (such as a motorcar). See PARTS FAMILY CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT, AFTER-SALES SERVICE.
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Connections include a component video output, S-Video output, one set of A/V composite jacks, and optical and coaxial digital audio output jack.
Other features include a variety of connectivity options: RF, DVI, RGB input and loop-out, compost/S-Video inputs, SD/HD component video inputs, audio and subwoofer outputs and RS-232 and R J-45 control ports.
5 pounds and featuring a tow noise level of 36 dB, the CP series boasts a 400:1 contrast ratio and a Lamp power of 165 watts, with inputs for RGB, Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video formats.
Whether editors need component video I/O, faster processors, increased AV storage or more memory, a RES Flex system can be custom built just for them.

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