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an item such as a gearbox, steering wheel, etc. which is used in the assembly of another component or final product (such as a motorcar). See PARTS FAMILY CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT, AFTER-SALES SERVICE.
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It offers an extraordinary range of flexibility and can handle up to 376 analog or streaming SD video inputs, up to 94 DVI/VGA or HD component video inputs, and up to 96 graphic outputs, all controlled by a powerful drag-and-drop user interface.
The product records from cable TV and satellite set top boxes through component video, at HD resolutions up to 1080i.
- Adding the optional Interface Expansion Board (PN-ZB02) provides additional inputs, including DVI-D, component video, and LAN.
Setup was simple, yet there are enough video and audio inputs and outputs to accommodate media-heavy meetings.<p>In the most basic scenario, you plug in the supplied wide-view camera and two wideband microphones, attach an Internet cable and power, and add your own wide-screen monitor (I used a Samsung 32-inch 6 Series high-definition LCD television connected using component video cables).
Supported video inputs for analog signals include RGB, component video, S-video, and composite video, while digitally supported inputs include DVI and HDMI.
Two Component video inputs accept YPbPr and RGBS (one also accepts RGBHV as well).
Depending on the PMP, video outputs can range from composite to S-Video to component video. Inexpensive PMPs typically feature standard-definition composite video outputs, so this article will highlight a few composite video driver applications.
Its flexible port architecture provides inputs for DVI, dual VGA channels, composite video, S-video and component video across both 4:3 and 16:9 format panels.
* Inputs for DVI, dual video graphics array channels, composite video, S-video and component video across both 4:3 and 16:9 panels.
Equipped with a range of digital and analog input connections, such as HDMI with HDCP compatibility, DVI, S-Video, composite and component video, these TVs are well suited for using HD set top boxes, surround sound systems and camcorders.
The camera includes a component video cable for connecting to HDTVs.
This system utilizes DVI/VGA, HD-SDI or component video inputs and will record in MPEG-4 WMV-HD format, similar to the standard WMV format.

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