compliance department

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Compliance department

A department in all organized stock exchanges to ensure that all companies, traders, and brokerage firms comply with Securities and Exchange Commission and exchange rules and regulations.

Compliance Department

A department in a brokerage with the duty of ensuring that all trades comply with applicable laws and SEC regulations. A compliance department oversees employees and principals of the brokerage and monitors their activities. It must also investigate suspicious activity and, if necessary, report it to the appropriate authority.

compliance department

Securities exchange staff who are charged with ensuring that activity on the exchange complies with the rules of the exchange and those of the SEC.
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Moreover, instead of banks having their own compliance departments, one collective compliance department for all banks should be formed for this recovery purpose.
"Searching names individually on OIG, System for Award Management, or state Medicaid exclusion websites takes valuable time from already stretched compliance departments," said ComplianceLine Co-CEO and Chief Development Giovanni Gallo.
So should it be with compliance departments when dealing with advisors who are responsible and settled into their practice.
Rita has extensive experience in legal and compliance departments across the banking industry.
While compliance departments are equipped to identify and manage these risks, these functions are frequently not involved in the necessary processes.
The complexity of the rule has the potential to tax even the largest compliance departments. "With any compliance department, the challenges are significant given the sweep of the rule and with specific mandates for how to comply with it.
What he sees are individuals who touch the industry on a daily basis, and that is where Cipperman and company start when working with compliance departments. It's important to consider the best practices within the particular industry while taking into account a broad scope of other information, like regulations set down by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
They are also a reminder of looming responsibility for the organizations' compliance departments, wrote Compliance Completes Emmanuel Olaoye in a recent Reuters article.
5 September 2013 -- Florida-based bank holding company BankUnited (NYSE: BKU) said it has hired Marie Blake as executive vice president and chief compliance officer responsible for overseeing the bank's regulatory compliance departments.
Despite clear rules governing non-disclosure of inside information, investment bank's large compliance departments, and code words used to conceal merger partners' identities, insider trading cases still continue to happen.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, has named Frank Fabian as its new Chief Compliance Officer and head of the Governance, Risk and Compliance departments with immediate effect.

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