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Completion Risk Reasonably Mitigated - Completion risk: Midrange.
This lucrative, passive form of income, combined with mineral owners' bearing no development risk, no drilling risk, no completion risk or dry-hole risks and incurring only nominal costs to carry make it a very attractive opportunity.
This is because many risks--such as completion risk, cost risk, debt structure, and securitization --are borne by the concessionaire.
At the project level, project completion risk is mitigated by the strong track record of and back-to-back performance guarantees provided by the EPC contractor, Samsung C&T (KL) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Samsung Engineering & Construction (M) Sdn Bhd).
The agility of Genesis to adjust construction activities based on construction issues is a favorable mitigant to completion risk.
The Bank previously attempted to work in this field, but was limited by the challenges of managing the completion risk of projects.
However, the completion risk is considered a negative factor for Aquanet's ratings as part of the investments are planned to be wrapped up in 2015, relatively shortly before the new environmental rules come into full force in 2016.
The completion risk of the project has been eliminated owing to successful achievement of Commercial Operations Date (COD) on June 09, 2010, though a little delayed.
In Parallel Istisna'a the IIFS may be exposed to completion risk when an advance payment has to be paid by the IIFS and the sub-contractor does not complete the work.
The Wild Oats share price barely went down and thus did not begin to reflect completion risk until two months later, when the arbs understood and sent it down 20% from its level prior to Mackey's candid statement.
When the leases are on Rolling Stock that has not been constructed, completion risk must be added to the risk equation.
The rating is capped at the 'BBB' level during the construction phase due to the completion risk security package.