Competitive bidders

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Competitive bidders

One of two categories of bidders on Treasury securities: competitive and noncompetitive. Competitive bidders are usually financial institutions.

Competitive Bidders

Institutions that make sealed bids to a bond issuer containing a prospective price and terms for an issue. On the close date of bidding, the issuer picks the best price and terms from among the competitive bidders. Competitive bidding is one of two processes by which the U.S. Government issues Treasury securities. This is also used for various other ventures, from IPOs to project finance.
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Occupational safety management will make sure that the company suffers fewer losses due to accidents, enjoys lower operational cost, and becomes a competitive bidder.
This followed a round of Request for Proposal (RFP) from the contending parties and finally a competitive bidder that was the best market fit, was identified.
They immediately cancelled their contact with a competitive bidder to devote all of their resources to working with CSU.
Sydow, noting the town would follow competitive bidder laws, responded to concerns raised Thursday about reducing the cost by stating the same firm that proposed Puff would be willing to reduce its price now.
In particular, if the price of a collusive bidder's item has been raised to a very high level through repeated bidding by a competitive bidder, then the collusive bidder might retaliate in the next round by opening the bidding on the competitive bidder's items.
Even though the contractor event had been planned and announced months in advance, a competitive bidder could have perceived a linkage and later used attendance at the dinner to protest contract decisions adverse to his/her company.
A noncompetitive bidder cannot also be a competitive bidder in the same TIPS auction.
Also, it has the effect of providing the stalking horse with a competitive advantage by requiring any competitive bidder to bid at a price in excess of the sum of the purchase price and the breakup fee.
It has to go to the most competitive bidder, even if that means Britain losing the work - worth pounds 1billion over 20 years.
Capable network engineers command high salaries and benefits and are easily romanced away to a more competitive bidder.
Assume that the Treasury is going to auction $1 billion worth of a one-year zero-coupon security and there are three risk-neutral bidders and no noncompetitive demand; the expected yield in the after-market will be 5 percent, and each competitive bidder agrees on that amount.
Reporter Bob Jamieson set the strike piece up by saying it was over only 300 jobs, and all GM wanted was "the flexibility to buy its parts from the most competitive bidder.

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